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World Medical Relief: Philippine National Business and Coordination Center Foundation, Inc.

Since 1994, for 22 years the Philippines has been a recipient of more than half a Billion USD ($500,000,000.00) worth of Medical Equipment and Supplies from WORLD MEDICAL RELIEF, INC.. and counting…

 For the last 10 years, the focus of WMR National Coordinator’s Office in the Philippines has been Mindanao, to eliminate human suffering and provide Quality Health Care to the Island of Mindanao. The area that is farthest from the capital usually gets the least assistance.


Ambassador Dr. David Lee Zarate

Dr. Zarate is the National Coordinator for World Medical Relief, Inc. since 2006. In that role he is guiding the application process for shipments from the Philippine hospital and is making sure that shipments are not held up in customs or in route to their destinations. He also inspects the goods upon arrival to make sure that they are indeed in use in the hospital for which they were intended.

His vision of accessible health as an instrument of peace and hope is being adopted by top government officials who are now planning to open hospitals and are asking World Medical Relief to partner with them by sending equipment and supplies that they otherwise could not afford with the limited resources under their control. It is the wish of Dr. Zarate that this increase in the availability of health care for the poor through the shipments of World Medical Relief donations will not only improve people’s health but may give them hope, peace and the enduring belief that there are still many wonderful people in the world.

COUNCILOR BERNARDITO C. ANG 8th time Councilor for Manila was appointed WORLD MEDICAL RELIEF NATIONAL COORDINATOR FOR MANILA through the recommendation of Ambassador David Lee Zarate on June 9, 2013. Due to Coun. Bernie Ang’s efforts, the following major hospitals of Manila were:


  • Justice Jose Abad Santos General Hospital Numancia St., Binondo, Manila
    • Received GE Compax 40 Digital Filmless X-ray
    • GE Lightspeed 16 Slice with Xtream CT Scanner System
    • Various Medicines for Humanitarian and Medical Relief Operations
    • One (1) 40 ft. container of Medical Supplies and Equipment
    • JJASGH became the 1st ISO Certified Hospital in National Capital Region by TUV SUD; the only ISO Certified among the six LGÚ-based hospital in the City of Manila; and became the first department among the 40 departments under the governance of the City of Manila to obtain such recognition.
  • Ospital Ng Maynila Roxas Blvd., Malate, Manila
    • Received three (3) 40ft containers of humanitarian donations from World Medical Relief, Inc. Medical Relief. Inc.